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Commodity Chemicals was established in 1988 from a background in the fast-moving world of chemical solvents and a number of years spent in chemical recycling we were aware that a lot of companies had surplus and redundant stocks. With the high cost of disposal a major factor in considering how to remove unwanted raw materials. Commodity Chemicals was established to offer an alternative "which would cost the companies nothing", was environmentally sound, and when successful would recoup for our clients some of their original cost. Since then our knowledge of this specialised market has continued to grow. We have established successful relationships with most of the major pharmaceutical and chemical producers in Europe.

Our main market continues to be within Europe but increasingly we are finding new clients in the Middle East, Far East and the America's.

At Commodity Chemicals we put our continued success down to hard work and experience. The ability to take advantage of new technology is essential for companies operating in a niche market, hoping to thrive in the new millennium. Most importantly for our customers and suppliers we are able to operate from a high technology environment with a low cost base. Specialised reliable Warehousing, Transport, and Shipping services are all available to Commodity Chemicals.

Our service is free, confidential, and environmentally friendly. Disposal of chemicals is expensive, and likely to become ever more so. We offer an alternative.


We are interested in all products.

The material must be of a merchantable quality and quantity.

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  Industrial Chemicals
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